AC’s Towing and Recovery Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any towing cost or expense to owner of vehicle?

There is absolutely NO charge for us to remove your vehicle. We offer free towing service.

Do you remove vehicles in any condition for free?

Yes, we remove vehicles in any condition! We remove Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, Vans, Buses & Farm Equipment. In any Year,  Make, Model, and Condition. Wrecked? Won’t start? Bad transmission? Blown motor? We’ll buy it, remove it for free and pay you cash.

How long will it take for my junk car to be picked up?

Most times we can pickup your car within a few hours if needed. We can also schedule appointments for a later date at your convenience.

How do you determine the value of my junk car, truck, van etc.?

We determine the junk car value based on the year, make, model & condition of the vehicle in coordination with the current market value of steel, aluminum & other precious metals.

Do I get the cash at the time of removal of my junk car?

We will always give you cash on the spot when we remove your vehicle.

Do I need to be present at time of removal?

In most cases we would like you to be present at time of removal. We will work with your schedule and situation. If you are unavailable we can make arrangements for keys and all other required documents to be left with another person.

I can’t find the title or do not have the title to my car. Will you still accept it?

Yes. We are able to remove vehicles in these types of situations, including when a you can’t find a title or you never received one in your name. We do require some documentation either in the form of  registration, bill of sale or an alternative form that requires you to have a NYS photo ID.

I can’t find or don’t have my keys to vehicle?

In most cases, we will still be able to remove the vehicle. You must have proof that you own the vehicle and the vehicle must be in a place that is accessible to our trucks.

What do you do with the junk cars, trucks, vans, etc.?

They are recycled. Some reusable parts are removed and then the scrap metal is recycled for future use.